That's when I realized why the train smelled like pot

We were on the Metro Blue line, around 11PM. One guy asked Lucas what the time was. Lucas told him, "About 10 til."

The guy's friend widened his eyes as far as he could and asked, rather sincerely, "What universe is this?"

He paused. Lucas and I weren't sure if he was joking.

"Is this the Milky Way... universe?"

"Sure," Lucas said.

His eyes were so wide it seemed as if his eyelids had completely disappeared. "I'm lookin for the Andromeda universe. It's like 3 billion light years away from here." His eyes widened more, if possible. "I'm goin' there, man. I got this space thing, this space travel that can go like a hundred billions light years in like, in like a second."

He took a minute to process this. "Whoa."

Another minute. Lucas and I waited.

"It's tea time." He then ducked behind the seat to take another hit from the pipe hidden in his backpack.

Go Metro.

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