Art of Spam Email

I am easily entertained my spam email titles... My comments are [in italics]

Subject: What a gorgeous babe
I maybe feather weight, but i pack a monster kangaroo pounder.

Subject: Surplus in inches is absolutely necessary
Make your soldier of love serve you better with our exclusive enhancement formula
Initiate crucial changes in your love life!
Reflecting on the trade Jones said "It wasn't really ainternational relations issues.The Nepalese Government reaches an agreement with
[...no seriously, it just ends there.]

Subject: No woman will be able to say �
Have you noticed that sometimes very ordinary people are extremely popular with the opposite sex? It can happen that they use a secret weapon - pheromones. Click here and order Ultra A llure too.
No woman will be able to say �no�
[they don't sound that confident or sure of what their product does.]

Subject: Realize all of her dreams with our help for short time
[how nice of him, caring about all her dreams.]
Have you ever heard this, "Damn it! Your penis is really tiny!"? [oh my god, all the time!]
Didn't you feel stupid? [Did I!]
Don't let ladies prefer dildo to you ! M rtm eg xc ad ctn ik will improve your situation once and forever!
You should simply rely on this magic preparation! [I simply should! It's Magic! Like Harry Potter!]
"Oh! Your p uu e jup ni ava s is so la ho rge!" Isn't that what you dream to hear every day? [GOD, YES]
Soon you'll be the only one ladies will want!Me het ga wt di dze k is your real cure!
[...Look real closely at the scrambled name of the product. ME het GA wt DI dze K. Genius.]