My Friends Are Awesome

One of my friends, the infamous Sir Brandon Laatsch, paired along side the equally illustrious Carson Laatsch, have now been hired to make things 'asplode, professionally.

It's impossible to hire a better or more creative pyrotechnist than Brandon. In my personal and professional opinion.
"After seeing our explosion video on Youtube, a few months ago we were approached to assist with and be in a music video for the Gutter Twins. I got a message via Youtube proposing the project."

This is what Brandon wants to do and when I heard about the video I think I freaked out in sheer excitement for him, causing damage to multiple ear drums. I'm hoping he goes far.

Go check out their awesome work, you won't be disappointed.

The Gutter Twins Idle Hands video was directed by Dave Neham and Trevor McMahan on the Subpop label for the album, Saturnalia. You can see the full video here.