Oh Boy

Worst test shoot ever.

We were supposed to be shooting on the Aaton LTR. But the producer ordered 100ft rolls, which come on daylight spools... and the LTR can only fit cores. "Duh" moment.

In order to get atleast something exposed on film, we check out the Arri-S, which has spindles that can fit the daylight spools. We assemble it, load it, plug in the battery. Dead battery. Two more dead batteries.

And the guy running the equipment room loses a core adapter and blames it on us.

Nothing gets shot.

Also, equipment-room man decides my training from USC is "not good enough" for him and makes us assemble the LTR so he can evaluate us. It's totally expected that he would ask me for my experience or credentials and crap— I'd wanna know who's using the equipment that I'm responsible for. But before I could tell him anything other than "USC" he brushed me off and was kind of a jerk about it. Questions like, "have you worked with this camera before?" and "I'd like to see you demonstrate this for me" would have been totally fine, but the straight up "Uh, no, not good enough" before I could explain nearly sent me into one of those pretentious and totally bratty "BUT I WENT TO USC!" moments (ugghh smack me if I ever do that again). Fortunately I kept it contained for the most part (I couldn't resist being a little snarky, just because he was so harsh) got over it, and aced the assembly. He apologized and I apologized for being snarky.

Now we have to reschedule the test shoot. I think we're gonna unspool the 100ft spools and wind them onto cores so we can test the actual camera and lenses we are gonna use.

Also, if you're looking for a good guide on camera reports, here is a great blog entry on just that. Take a look around the rest of his posts, if you'd like some light reading material on cinematography.