Just for Girls

Back in highschool, in Denver, I found an older edition of this book in Tattered Cover.

It's meant for younger girls, but I LOVED it and still do. It's adorable, with cute illustrations by Elizabeth McCallie and a funky design by Amy Inoue. It has tips and tricks for low budget amateur filmmaking, how-to's and lessons about the biz... but it also has quotes and stories from women working in film, as well as background on the history of women behind the scenes, citing the stories of Alice Guy Blaché, Lois Weber, Frances Marion, Dorothy Arzner, Ida Lupino, and more.

Whenever I wanna escape the stressfulness of filmmaking and remember the fun parts... or when I am feeling the disheartening effects of the good ol' boy's club, this is the book I pick up.

It's a great gift for any girl interested in movies, young or not-so-young.

If you're looking for more in-depth interviews with camerawomen in particular, pick up Women Behind the Camera. It has interviews with working camerawomen— something nowadays that's still incredibly hard to find— with 23 of them all in the same book!

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