Bouncing Back From a Bad Test Shoot

Our do-over for Test Shoot Epic Fail 9000 went smoothly today after a slow start. The only real problem we had was that the filter kit we ordered actually did not have any ND filters when we thought it did... and that was just a small problem because we were shooting on ASA200 outside in the sun, and the 25mm prime lens we needed to use only stopped up to f.11, and it was about an F.32 out. We worked around it and things went fine.

We shot 2 rolls outside (Kodak 200T and 50D) and a quick thing in black and white (7222 Eastman) in a friend's basement. Played with different exposures, DOF's, silhouettes... I wanted to get a good sense of the stocks' exposure range, mostly. Then with the leftover film we overcranked everything and made our stand ins do embarrassing things on film. Dailies should be fun.

We also got an insert shot that we will probably use in the film. So technically the first shot of our movie is in the can.

I have a big decision to make, about either staying in Colorado for another year or so and shooting a couple shorts for these same directors, or head back out to LA and start working... A post on that later. Right now I am off to go watch a few episodes of Pushing Daisies.

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