Test Shoot Results

So, the lenses we rented sucked, but we're getting new ones. Onto the good news:

I'm so glad we decided to try out the Kodak 200T 7217 outside. It produced some interesting results. It was bluer than I expected (even though I was expecting at least a little blue), since we charted without a filter and color timed to the chart. But it's just subtle enough and the oranges and reds pop really well. It's pretty low-contrast with a great exposure range, and perfect for what we're going for. We tried it with an 85 filter as well, and it looked really neat, not too orange, but still too warm for the feel we want.

Kodak 50D/7201 was great as usual. Almost no grain, vibrant colors, great contrast.

The Eastman Double-X 7222 looked great as well, with just enough grain to be awesome. We didn't get to experiment with lighting as much as we wanted (limited on electricity) but I like what we got.

I can't wait to test Fuji stocks as well in the future... I'm a sucker for Fuji.

Also, I finally registered on Cinematography.com. It's a professional, no-bullcrap forum, and I'd encourage you to register and lurk around for a while. There is a LOT of good reading and helpful discussions between professional camerapeople and DP's. And if you're actually serious about discussion, then I'd also encourage you to post and get to know the people there. (In fact, there is actually a forum devoted to student filmmakers and new filmmakers where you can ask questions without being called a giant dork. So don't feel too shy about registering if you're new.) Their list of forums is very extensive, there is a place for any question you can think of. You do have to register with your real name. They wanna avoid fakes and spam accounts.

And you've probably heard this already, but I also encourage you to get a subscription to American Cinematographer Magazine. Read up on what new things people are doing. Drool over technical descriptions. You can even subscribe to their digital edition and get it online.

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