Amy Vincent

Amy Vincent, ASC, was the DP for Oscar Nominated Hustle and Flow (for which she won the cinematography award at Sundance) and for Black Snake Moan. I highly suggest renting both films... and do go take a look at her reels on her website. It includes clips from her features, as well as some commercials she's done. She started out doing lighting design in the Theater Department at UC Santa Cruz, and lucky for us, headed into film. She has an incredibly strong eye and superb instincts for lighting.

Her strength as a DP is demonstrated pretty well over at ICG, where there is a really neat and in-depth interview with her on one of her earlier films, The Caveman's Valentine. She goes into detail on the technicalities of different locations, her lighting set ups, in-camera effects, and lens choices, and is definitely worth the read.

Over at moviemaker.com, she gave a cool interview about her collaboration with Craig Brewer, the director of both previously mentioned films, and specifically her work on Black Snake Moan. She also wrote a short piece for them, Things I've Learned as a Movie Maker.

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