And now for something completely digital

I love that the word "EPIC" has made its way into the RED camera brand. I knew the new Scarlet was announced, but didn't take a look at it until FW forwarded me a link.

Check these out.

Imagine having a RED DSLR and motion camera in one. Ridiculous.... ridiculously awesome.

The way the system fits together reminds me of those big lego blocks. But the idea that you can buy new, upgraded parts depending on what you need, instead of an entire upgraded camera, is a bit of a relief in a world where new and better versions of computers are put out every 6 months. And the RED, to me, is very much a computer in its own way. I am still trying to decide whether I think the RED is the new digital messiah that it has been built up to be, and I've heard both good and disappointing things, but that's to be expected with a new technology, and I still enjoy looking. (I'll write more on the supposed pro's and con's eventually, as well as my own brief experience ACing on the RED.)

But what I am totally geeking out about is that the Scarlet S35 has a RED-mount, Canon mount, Nikon mount, AND a PL mount for lenses. THAT IS AWESOME. If you're new the world of lens-nerdery, camera lens brands all have a different mount, so they can only be attached to cameras with that corresponding mount. Canon to Canon, Nikon to Nikon. A lot of film cameras use the Arri PL (Positive Lock mount), so I was excited to see it included in the list as well. Lenses make your shot.

And to top it all off, after all that eyecandy and drool all over your keyboard, scroll all the way down to the bottom and FUCKIN'BAM!

These guys are smug bastards. And we eat it up.

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