Currently on "Storybook"

Two whole scenes are in the can for the Storybook project, and we're sending our negative out to LA with one of our directors to get an HD telecine transfer.

Since we're broke, I can't afford to fly out there with him, so he asked me to color correct some photos taken on set so I could give him an idea of what I was thinking. Now, I'm only okay at photoshop, so bear with me here.

The top photo is from a scene that takes place in the 70's, and the bottom takes place in the 50's. I think the cyan in the bottom one is a bit too exaggerated in the blacks. Not sure how I feel about it.

Thoughts? Are they giving off the right "feel"?

I also began principal photography on another project this morning on the Panasonic HVX. Shooting digital is such a different feel. We have a tricky lighting situation in a movie theater tomorrow where we have to create a movie screen "flicker" without a flicker box, nor an ideal amount of power outlets. Or money. I'll let you know what we come up with.

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