Home Movies

A box just arrived from my family back east containing old super-8 movie reels shot by my grandfather in the 50's and 60's.

They came in a cool metal box and it has that metallic, spicy, bittersweet old smell that just makes the entire thing that much cooler. The film prints and negatives are very brittle and probably wouldn't survive projection, but thankfully we already got them transferred onto DVD.

I love the look of the old Kodachrome and technicolor boxes.

I always forget how small 8mm film actually is. The actual image takes up the space next to the perforations on the side. It's tiny!

I think I'm gonna try and get some of the footage from the DVD up online at some point. This is my favorite family keepsake. It even came with a photo of my grandfather and his friends at a Van Dusen Aircraft Supplies. Pretty cool.

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