I apologize for those who actually follow my blog (and the few in that small group that actually find my blog interesting) for not updating that regularly, and for the last few fluff posts.

I'll definitely have a lot more "Adventures of a Girl DP" coming up soon, as Panavision has just put the Panavision 16 "Elaine" on a plane at LAX to be shipped here. We open it up and assemble it tomorrow morning. I'll be supervising to make sure it gets treated properly. The people who checked it out at Panavision took some great notes about threading the film and building it, so I'll be sure to post those along with my own observations.

I am starting to gear up for a possible position as a film and lighting professor at a film school here. So basically I am going through all my old notes and re-teaching myself everything so it's fresh in my mind for lesson plans (dear lord, I am writing LESSON PLANS.) Expect some back-to-basics posts.

Other than that, I am glad to say our nation just made history two days ago. A nation that, not so long ago, thrived on slavery; a nation that, not so long ago, had rampant segregation; just elected our first African American President. Our nation actively chose hope over fear. There were people dancing in the streets, waving our flag. People around the world jumped into joyful impromptu celebrations. No matter where you stand politically, this is a pretty amazing time.

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