Photos - Slide Film

It's been suggested that since I work in a visual medium, I should probably own up and start posting some of my work. While I sort out some actually decent stills of my cinematography work, I'll post some of my photography.

These are some slides I took Spring 2007 of a couple friends. I adore slide film. These were all taken with my Minolta SLR on 320 Tungsten Ektachrome film, and scanned.

I do photography mostly as an adjunct hobby to cinematography. While the two mediums can sometimes be almost identical, the art form, technique, and equipment can be completely different. I can talk cinematography, but if you put me in a room full of professional photographers or photojournalists, I'd probably get lost.

I did these shots with available lighting and one of those little pan lights you can get at Home Depot for 10 bucks. Me and a couple friends just ran around to different little hiding places on our campus and just took a bunch of weird pictures. It's my favorite way to work.

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