Storybook - Dailies

So. Everything (so far) is exposed correctly, in focus, and in frame. Ok, so I guess it looks pretty, too. I am very critical of my own work. When Director Chuck and Director J sat me down in Director Chuck's office chair and they and several others finished watching me look at the telecined dailies, waiting for my squeals of delight, they were sorely disappointed when I just exhaled and said, "Okay."

There was a moment when they just kind of stared at me.

"What, you don't like them?"

"They're fine."

"But you don't seem that excited."

"When it comes to dailies, this IS me excited."

They did look good. The dolly, however, was pretty bumpy at a few points. I didn't feel or see the bumps during the shoot, but on an 85 lens, they were very noticeable. We also had a dolly grip who was just learning, and some of the movements were awkward since I had to train him on the fly (he was a fast learner and overall did a great job). The bumps were the only thing I was disappointed with, hence no delighted squealing. Other than that, they look good and I'm happy with them. I swear.

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