Storybook - Day 5, Gollum appears

The entire shoot I had maximum-dosage Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Ibuprofen running through my veins, drinking what felt like gallons of water, and still I had a migraine that was so painful I threw up once.

But, we finished our shot list.

I'm pretty frustrated. I don't like being on set when I'm not at my best. I made mistakes and was moving pretty slowly. It was hard to make decisions. Since my head wanted to explode when light hit my eyes, checking the lighting set ups was pretty awful. Squinting into the eyepiece triggered some epic waves of pain, and the volume on set wasn't great for my ears, either. I am proud of myself for generally keeping myself in a good mood, even if I was still a bit distracted by the pain. Between takes I had to wear my sunglasses and sometimes pulled my coat over my head, or went outside in the cold and laid down on the pavement. And because my voice wasn't as loud as usual, people seemed a bit more prone to make decisions without running them by me first. Keeping DP authority when you're involuntarily channeling Gollum and trying to shield yourself from the blinding light by hiding in a dark cave... is a bit tricky. (It burns us.... Keep nasty directorses away from the preciousss... and don't touch my lightses. We wants to shoot at an f.4'ses).

Thankfully, my gaffing and grip crew was on top of everything and stayed by my side when I needed them, and my AC's were total machines.

Just one more day of shooting. I can still feel the migraine lying dormant in the back of my head, just waiting to be triggered by an ill-placed light.

(Also: the new Star Trek trailer is absolutely fucking amazing.)

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