Award Winners

Well, Outside Candy, the digital short I worked on in Oct/Nov won Best Film in its category, and was also nominated for production design.

It was a fun film to shoot and I think it definitely deserved the award. It's about a man who tries to sneak some candy into a movie theater past a very overzealous theater employee. The shoot was especially fun for me: it included a face off à la The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, a "terminator" chase, and a nod to the Indiana Jones idol scene... except the appropriately Mayan-like theater doors were the idol, bathed in the golden light of a doubled full gold gel. It was RIDICULOUS but the slow dolly-in toward the door is up there with some of the most hilarious moments in the movie.

I wish I had an actual still, but you get the idea.

The main concern we had (besides the couple of shots where I had to sit backwards on a doorway dolly moving at full running speed... that was fun) regarded the scene inside the actual theater where a movie was supposed to be playing. We had to recreate the movie "flicker" on the patrons' faces with pretty limited resources (One 1K and a couple 650's). The director and I talked and he came up with the idea of making sort of a gel-cucoloris out of a wire hanger, gel samples and tape, and we had someone wave it in front of the theater projector. The flicker bounced off the movie screen and it actually worked really nicely.

We also used some dimmed LED panels with 1/2 CTB to brighten up individual faces for close-ups. (Those little panels are handy— you can stick them almost anywhere.) The gaffer was the same guy I worked with on Storybook, and he's been fantastic.

The lobby area was perfect. Tons of neon lights and a lot of red, purple and yellow.

I don't know if it will be up online any time soon, since the director is thinking of putting it into a film festival here, but I know I am gonna include at least some shots from it in my reel.

Pics were taken by my awesome gaffer, Nate.

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