Boca, by Matt Wolf

This short was shot on a Nokia N95 camera phone.

Matt Wolf, the filmmaker, said that it was shot for Filmmaker Magazine, which "commissioned the video from a few filmmakers, who were part of their "25 New Faces" issue."

I'm posting it, one, because I really like it. Two, because I think this short is a perfect example of format serving story and subject matter.

More and more people are becoming very worried about format... 16mm or 35mm? HD or SD? 24p or 30? Film or digital?

And of course there is the issue of cost. Many filmmakers are "forced" into using digital simply because they have no other option— film is expensive. So we're obsessed with finding a digital alternative that looks as close to film as possible.

But I think we're going about this the wrong way. What if your subject matter would actually be served better in a digital format than film? What if you had a giant budget, enough to cover the cost of film— and chose to shoot digital for the story?

Digital shouldn't be seen as the poor man's version of film. It is its own medium, and can carry its own unique storytelling power. While it can also be a cost-effective alternative to film, don't treat it that way. You're just gonna limit your storytelling possibilities.

Boca takes the idea of choosing a digital format over film one step further, utilizing a specific format of digital no one had really considered as a storytelling tool. It is so striking simply because the format works with the subject matter so well. If it had been shot in film or digital video, it wouldn't have come close to having the same effect.

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