Life Keeps Updating Without My Permission

Current goings on:

It's been almost a full 9 months since I left Los Angeles. Still carless. I have been working at a craft store for about 7 of those months, and have been teaching a college film production class 1 month.

I have shot two short films since I've left. One was a good-sized production on 16mm film that received the Panavision New Filmmaker grant, thus I got to shoot on the Panaflex 16 "Elaine" (whee! back on Panavision!) and I worked on a smaller digital shoot that won some fun awards.

I am set to DP another digital shoot coming up this April with some people I've worked with before and love, so that's going to be a lot of fun.

But the biggest news is that I am going to DP a short film down in Peru for two weeks in May. I've officially signed on, and I really like the director. I am extremely excited.

We'll probably be shooting for around 10 days. I am really really really hoping for an extra day to visit Machu Picchu.

Echoing my friend Jeremy's sentiment: "I would kill three men to be able to see Machu Picchu."

Other than that, nothing is too new. It's Oscar Week over at 5SecondFilms.com. You can view great 5 second classics such as "Milk to the Future" and "Benjamin Button 3: Back 2 Tha Streetz".

In March I will be heading off to Disneyworld for Spring Break with my friend Erin. Yeah, we totally like to party. Expect lots of weird photos taken with my Holga.

The week right after that I hope to road trip out to Los Angeles to visit friends and get my stuff out of my soon-to-be-too-expensive storage unit. Seriously, who charges $119 a month for storage anywhere??? LA does, apparently.

Also there is a dude I work with that looks a lot like Wilson from House.

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