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There is a new law in Afghanistan that includes, among other things: the provision that makes it illegal for a woman to resist her husband’s sexual advances— basically legalizing marital rape. Another provision that requires a husband’s permission for a woman to work outside the home or go to school. And another makes it illegal for a woman to refuse to “make herself up” or “dress up” if that is what her husband wants.

These 300 brave women (above) protested this new law facing an enormous angry mob of men, calling them whores and enemies of Islam.

I cannot express in words the deep anger and sorrow I feel about what is happening to women in Afghanistan. But I am also humbled by and in awe of the women fighting against it.

Ways to get involved and help:

Read about or donate to the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

Women for Women's campaign for women's equality in Afghanistan.

Feminist Majority Foundation's Campaign for Afghan Women

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