California did not repeal Prop 8


Chuklz said...


Alex Selus said...

It does suck, but at the same time Prop-8 failed spectacularly

As it stands right now the court is basically saying “same-sex couples are allowed every right non-same-sex couples are allowed except to the actual word ‘marriage,’ unless of course they were already married before Prop 8 passed, in which case they get to use the word ‘marriage,’ too.”

Which makes Prop-8 as toothless as it possibly can be with out actually throwing it out. (which, if i've read correctly would have been ridiculously hard to do)

It still sucks, but what I think is great is that even though Prop-8 says "no gay marriage", there are 18,000 same sex marriages that HAVE to be seen as a legal marriage.

I just hope that every single one of them does something related to the state having to recognize them as being married so they can scream in their face: "You tried to kill my marriage, but it and I am still here. You failed."

Things will come around in time, and at least same-sex couples get civil-union rights