Various Recaps

My 9-day long vacation in Los Angeles turned into a 24-day long stay when a friend of mine persuaded me to stick around and 2nd AC on a feature he's financing.

I am not up to date on protocols for blogging about other people's projects, so I will keep my recounting very limited:

Mountains. Woods. Dusty. Bugs. Dirt.

Night shoot: 6PM call, 6AM wrap, an hour long drive each way.

I have never been called "girl" "honey" or "hun" more in my life.

At one point I was doing slate, holding the B camera to switch the P2 card, an actor's ipod, a can of air, and wrangling sound umbilical cord all at once. Girls are naturals at this. Just take a look at any mother with kids under 10.

Actresses have nerves of steel. Same can't be said for actors.

My favorite part of the shoot was listening to our special effects guy and our stunt coordinator tell stories.

Mosquitoes LOVE me. I do not love them.

I do love showers.

I do love having In-N-Out for catering.

I tripped. I had the choice of landing on my arm and both hurting my arm and damaging the expensive slate and possibly my face, or landing on my shoulder and just hurting my shoulder. I chose the shoulder. Couldn't lift anything with my left arm for two days. Guess who the 1st AC yelled at when camera equipment wasn't moved where he wanted it within the second?

Guess who was able to move it all with one arm anyway?


God, I never crawled to my feet so fast in my life. To quote one of our actresses, "I couldn't believe it, you just shot back up. I didn't even see you fall."

After we wrapped it felt like we got back from an almost two week long camping trip in the mountains. Oh my god hair dryers! Make up! Clean socks! Normal colored boogers! (It was dusty, ok?)

It was a great experience and I met some cool people. But working with my friends has to be the most exciting thing. I really hope we can keep doing it.

My friends back in CO are still trying to forgive me after I repeatedly promised them, "Nooo, don't worry, I swear I am not gonna disappear back in LA forever, I need to finish up a couple more teaching semesters, right?"


Speaking of friends, you really need to give a listen to Mesita's new EP album, "No Worries". It is fucking fantastic: mesita.bandcamp.com. If you like it, buy it.

As for being one of maybe 5 girls on set, it was an interesting experience. The nice thing was that the guys expected you to be able to do everything they were able to do. Such as, work with an injured shoulder, and know when to ask for help. I really actually loved that expectation. It made me more motivated. I was on the crew, I was not "a girl on the crew". But every once in a while something funny would happen, such as when I was helping someone lift the crane case into the back of a van, one of them came over and say "Whoa there tough-girl," and took the handle from me. Which was fine with me. It was 6:30 AM and I was tired as hell and even my good shoulder hurt. No complaints here.

I will briefly complain, however, about how no one ever got my name right, and I was referred to as "girl" for several days. "Hey girl, could you be a honey and grab my tape measure out of my bag?" No. Getting the tape measure is part of my job, but being a honey is not. It was pretty funny actually, because most people made me repeat "Lore" several times and explain, since they all reeeeally wanted to call me "Lori" or "Laura".

Song of the shoot: That's Not My Name, The Ting Tings

I'm gearing up to teach another semester on 16mm production... Hopefully it will inspire me to write some more technical stuff. Writing has gotten really hard lately. I took some notes on my non-working days in LA... and once I actually FIND them I'll write.


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