Life Update

I'm getting ready to move back to Los Angeles. As I'm wrapping things up in general and at work, life has been a little crazy.

I'm hoping the change of pace and scenery will jumpstart my itch to write more, as change of location usually does.

I did not plan to be out of LA for this long (it's been about two years now) and looking back, I suppose I was not ready to live out there at that moment. And now I'm heading back out on an adventure with three great friends. Funny how that worked out.

But as of right now, I find myself lacking the will or desire to write. This is almost unbearable, as I used to write for hours on end just for fun, and now a quick blog post annoys me. Hopefully this phase will pass soon when I'm out on the road.

In a little over two weeks I'll be driving out across the west with one of my three now-roommates, whom we'll call Cullen, because I know he'll absolutely hate that I named him that. A couple weeks after that, DrPepper and... for lack of a better nickname, Batman... will be joining us.

I'm pretty excited to live with these guys, and as the sole lady-bro I'm sure to have some funny stories. Not to mention trying to find work in LA as a cinematographer. That should be interesting.

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