Shaky Starts

Well, the apartment has a framed photo of Shatner in the living room and a poster of Spock in the kitchen, so the apartment front, I'd say, is going well. We also have kitchen chairs finally.

I had a brief DP gig shooting a trailer. I can't write too much about it, but when I was talking with them about how they felt hiring a female DP (it was very much a boys-club type gig) they seemed very positive about it. Namely, because being around a girl helps men "behave" a bit more. Not sure how I feel about that particular attitude. I mean, it's good that they are enthusiastic about hiring a woman DP, but there is that whole "fun-killer" stigma that is implied. However, they liked my work and I enjoyed the gig for the most part. Shooting on the 5D was interesting... I need to get more time on it in order to write about it more.

Cullen and I survived the first couple weeks fending for ourselves in the new apartment (which we have dubbed "The Enterprise".)

I'm still looking for work. I have a couple photography gigs coming up but besides that, I feel very nervous and overwhelmed by the amount of searching/struggle ahead of me.

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