Yay reader input!

So you guys are still here, huh? I don't deserve you...

Anonymous writes:
keep coming back to your blog hoping for more info on your work, thoughts on stuff that actually has something to do with being a DP. totally on board with the chick angle too.
and i apologize for this: no one but you cares about your roommates.
if you want respect or recognition as a DP (chick or otherwise), make that what you show the world. just a thought from some random dude journalist-turning-DP that doesn't know you.

I am replying to this outside of comments because his comment deserves an answer!

Thanks for the input anonymous random dude. I'm kind of humbled that you cared enough to write and give me a kick in the butt. Here is what's going on, ladies and dudes:

I've been stockpiling a lot of my tech stuff and DP experiences, and a lot of it has been in the works for a while, and there will be more dedicated to that once I get back on the ball. HOWEVER, I've been taking a (rather long) hiatus on blogging as I get my life in order, hence the purely junkfood posts.

The reason for the lame hiatus: I'm in the midst of a huge life change. I know— life change is some of the best blogging material, so why am I posting pictures of Jean Luc Picard for no reason? While I hope to reflect on what has been happening on this blog, it has been too emotionally/physically exhausting to write as it's happening. I'm at the tail end of a large move back to Los Angeles, and have JUST gotten back into regular work (most of which is under NDA and thus I can't blog about.) Writing small humorous posts keeps my sanity (while it is probably testing the sanity of people like Anonymous Random Dude). I started out strong earlier on in this blog and gained a pretty decent readership, and I kind of dropped the ball as real life started to get difficult. Apologies.

However, I do want to address that this did start out as a personal blog, and my main readers are friends and family, so there will be random stories from my life that I do want to write down and remember. But from now on I'll try and lessen the frequency of those— I do want this to lean more towards my DP experiences, so thanks, Anonymous-Random-Dude, for reminding me of where I want this blog to go. I am glad that people have found something here that they find worth reading.

READER TIP! I have created some fun and helpful post tags for you so you can skip all the lame crap you don't wanna read!! See that bar underneath the title image? Click "Adventures of a Girl DP" for all the posts that have to do with me DPing stuff or talking about DP stuff. "DP Resources" is stuff, big and small, that I've found helpful. Photography lists the posts about my still photography work. Also, if you scroll down, you'll see the rest of my post tags listed for you to peruse at the bottom of the right sidebar.

His comment comes at an appropriate time, as I have something to show you in my next post.

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