Tani Ikeda: Camerawoman/Superhero

I only had one class with this kickass lady while at USC, and it's been amazing watching her make waves as a filmmaker and activist for social justice, (which are basically my two favorite things). Check out her interview over at DailyBrink.com, where she talks about her filmmaking program ImMEDIAte Justice, which focuses on teaching young women media literacy and sexual health through filmmaking.

Excerpt from Daily Brink:

If the rumors suggesting that a new Wonder Woman movie adaptation will be hitting theaters soon are true, then I have a perfect casting suggestion: Tani Ikeda. Back when she was interviewed this May, the 22year-old was having a busy week: she had just won a $25K grant for her educational filmmaking program “imMEDIAte justice” and had to get ready to work on Kylie Minogue’s new music video... [READ MORE]

Tani Ikeda, founder of ImMEDIAte Justice
If you wish to get involved with ImMEDIAte Justice, you can connect with her at tani@taniikeda.com.

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