Have You Ever Felt Like the Ugly Friend?

I spent a weekend ACing for episodes 9 and 10 of The Best Friend. The show is "a buddy comedy web series that explores what it would look like to watch a romantic comedy through the point of view of the best friend character, rather than the ingenue."

The creators of the show, Marilyn Anne Michaels and Allie Smith are incredibly talented, creative and hilarious ladies. And I loved the fact that we had a primarily female crew— loved it. The atmosphere on set was energetic, very professional, and a lot of fun. I adore meeting other female filmmakers. It's really affirming, and it was sorely needed.

DPing was the incredible Cat Deakins, who I didn't meet until I was on set. Guys. Please go check out her site, I can't recommend her enough.

And while you're at it, go watch this series and support all these lovely people.
The Best Friend Website The Best Friend on Youtube The Best Friend on Twitter

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