Bokeh Update!

Despite delays due to scheduling and weather, the final music vid has been SHOT! Should be up within the next week or so (EDIT: Video will be up on Jimmy's channel on March 18th!!). Also I'm planning a how-to video and a write-up of the difficulties we ran into during the shoot. Also, note that Jimmy Wong is the man.

Also much past-due: an update on my life and what I've been working on, and where this blog (and soon an attached youtube channel— omg!) will be heading. It's gonna be AWESOME.

I won't be discussing everything too much about my hiatus but I will at least touch on the more interesting bits so you other struggling filmmakers can sympathize or just chuckle at me... either or!

Filmmakers— both lady and dude— why do you visit this site? What topics have you liked so far? I know there isn't too much here yet. But I wanna plan much more valuable content in the months to come.


Jason said...

Can't wait to see more of your work as you and I both approach our Academy nods. I just stumbled onto your site trying to study and learn other people techniques.

Chris Westfield said...

I follow b/c you're the only DP I trust. Plus you have good tips as I turn into Jack of all trades and have to run camera on my shoots.