How do you guys feel about this?

Is focus pulling going to be a thing of the past eventually? (via geeksaresexy.net)

Also, have you guys seen the latest Hobbit Production diary? Mr Jackson talks about shooting 3D on the RED Epic in 48fps. It's pretty fascinating. I'm still on the fence about 48fps as well as 3D but I am interested in seeing what talented filmmakers try and do with it.

Note that there are several shots where the camera changes inter ocular distance during the take. Maybe all the out of work focus pullers can move up to inter ocular distance pullers.

The Lytro Camera

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Cody Swatek said...

The Lytro seems like it'll be very interesting. I'm not sure how well it will do though (for instance I'm not sure how zooming works or how well various lense filters will work with it (I suspect if it goes over well there will be attachments and more stuff added to it). I remember a while back there was a camera that took a photo from slightly different angles so you could slightly change the angle if you wanted to (I'll try to find it and post a link) but I'm not sure where it is now so who knows. I think it's a cool idea but most people who would use it will either balk at the price or just add it to their camera arsenal. I doubt it will replace a real good DSLR.