For those of you who are discouraged, who keep fighting for work and still feel behind, who just can't seem to get the mysterious "experience" producers want you to have, who can't afford all the expensive gear your male colleagues seem to acquire as they get hired on job after job...

You're not crazy.

It is not that you are not good enough, talented enough, or strong enough.

This industry has been set up to work against you.

Elle, one of the co-creators of the Digital Bolex D16, knows this.

We have had several lengthy, frustrated conversations about this over various asian foods. And while we all keep fighting for the industry to change, the best thing we can do now as women in the industry is actively help out other women.

That's why I SHRIEKED in absolute glee this morning when Elle announced the Digital Bolex Grant for Women Cinematographers. Elle is seriously a badass for doing this.

A snippet from Elle's post:
Starting this summer, we will be offering a pair of Digital Bolex D16 kits, featuring $10,000 in gear and accessories from some wonderful soon-to-be-announced sponsors, on a rolling basis to any narrative short or feature film project to be shot by a female cinematographer. 
As one of a handful of female cinematographers at the SXSW Film Festival, I am acutely aware that my ability to purchase, train with, and bring equipment to gigs over the past decade is what has gotten me to this wonderful festival with a feature film. I want to give other women that same ability to use their potential. 
The relationship between a director and cinematographer is perhaps the most important in filmmaking–we see male duos with collaborative relationships spanning decades creating masterpieces. I’d like to see women involved in that kind of intimate collaborative process, and I hope that I can start to help move our industry in that direction.

They will be releasing information about sponsors and the application process over the next few weeks. If you want to touch base with Elle now, you are encouraged to email her at elle@digitalbolex.com.

I've worked with this camera. It's truly unique and produces beautiful images with some amazing control in post. You can read more about the D16 and see Philip Bloom's unbiased in-depth review, as well as footage he has shot with it, here.


I know how discouraging this field and this industry is. Don't let it break you. We have a ton of work to do!

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