Finally, the big new project is announced!

I know this blog has been pretty anemic in the last year or two. I am so humbled people are actually still reading it and writing to me about it. I can't tell you how much I value the people I get to talk to and meet.

I've wanted to do something educational for a long time now, to be able to provide tangible resources and content for aspiring and struggling filmmakers that are intimidated or blocked out by the industry. (This happens most often to women filmmakers, which is why it became the focal point of my writing.)

Becoming an accessible and inclusive resource was the ultimate dream goal I had for the blog, alongside an "I Should Write This Down/I Should Shoot This" YouTube channel to make simple, helpful videos to talk and teach cameras, tech, film, story, and industry.

I am only one person though, and over the past couple years I found it almost impossible to even find time or energy to write, let alone raise money or shoot anything on my own. So it ended up on the back burner.

So, as some of you know, as of February 2013, I have been working with a production company called RocketJump. I was brought into the RocketJump fold by my friend Freddie, producing and shooting exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary content for Video Game High School Season 2, and they kept me on after that to do some more BTS work for the shorts on their website and youtube channel. I was also given opportunities to DP for them as well. Particularly fond of these:

So as I was getting integrated more into this company, I began chatting with Freddie about possibly getting my cinematography tutorial series produced through the company, and suddenly the idea of having a whole section of RocketJump dedicated to film-education was tossed around. It remained in limbo for a while though as we got caught up in VGHS Season 3. 

But! Now that production is slowing down as we move into post, the company decided to pull the trigger and get going on the film education idea.

So I was put in charge of the development of the RocketJump Film School (yay!) with real resources and a real production company behind it.

So what does this mean?!

While I will finally be able to create the cinematography series that I've always wanted to make, we will also have MORE courses available (i.e.: series of videos and tutorials) for eight different tracks of filmmaking, from directing, to editing, to visual effects. It will be online, free, and easy to follow and absorb, un-intimidating, and most of all, fun and entertaining to watch. I am particularly excited to have the opportunity to steer this new project in what I think will be the most inclusive, accessible and beneficial direction. I want to have a variety of people represented in the classes, in the videos, on and behind camera. I will get to pull friends and colleagues in to contribute their own knowledge and experience. I'll have the ability to team up with outside partners as well, to eventually provide you guys with access to resources larger than just our website and forum. Most of all, I want this to be a safe and fun space for all young filmmakers without feeling exclusive. I want the women who wrote to me about feeling intimidated and ignored by the industry to feel welcome there. So I'm pretty damn stoked.

So what does this mean for my blog?

I am keeping this blog separate from RocketJump and catered to the female/cinematographer demographic. But I will be linking posts, videos and resources about the film school's camera track here so you guys can see it. It will not be a "RocketJump Film School Blog!!!!" (we have a whole other site for that!) but I will be able to provide the videos I've always wanted through RJ, and will write some more posts based on the content I am focusing on that week or month. So basically, same angle, same style of writing, but you'll be getting more updates. FINALLY, RIGHT?

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Guilherme said...

I want to work with you!!! Film school sounds so exciting!!